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Earlier this week, Boosie Badazz took to social media to speak on his lawsuit against his brother Hatch Tquari and Yung Bleu. According to the Louisiana-born rapper, it hasn't come without a cost, as it's resulted in a falling out between he and his own mother. He claimed that even though it's caused tension among his family, he still plans to go through with the suit, as he maintains that it's the right thing to do.

"I lost a relationship with my mom and everything," he explained. "I don't give a damn. You think I'm dropping this lawsuit? I swear to God I ain't. You know how I see it. Forge my signature? On a $10 million contract? On the contract, the CEO gets half of whatever's signed. You forged my contract. It don't get no dirtier than that. Then he did it like two times." He also added that "forgery's not no game, man."

His brother has now responded to his explanation, claiming that Boosie's not being completely honest. According to him, Boosie agreed to the contract that he's accused of forging, and is also only suing for his own financial gain. "I'm trying to keep it positive but what I'm witnessing with my brother is the dirtiest sh*t I've ever seen," a recent Instagram Story reads. "Lying on social media, throwing me under the bus for paperwork we agreed on, then years later, claiming forgery for money (a lick) ?!, NOW painting a negative picture of my mama like he was treated unfairly or like she ever did ANYTHING to him. He's going to be PUNISHED for this sh*t."

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem as though their beef shows signs of slowing down any time soon. What do you think of Boosie Badazz's brother's response to his explanation of their beef? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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