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21 Savage Appreciation Day Declared In Fulton County

For celebrities that rep their hometown wherever they go, sometimes those towns can pay respect right back. In just the past few months stars like  Gucci Mane  and  Usher  have gotten their own days declared in Atlanta and Las Vegas respectively. Now,  21 Savage , who famously reps Atlanta as well is being added to that list. During an event over the weekend, the commissioner of Fulton County officially declared a day named after the rapper in honor of what he’s given back to his community.

He also gives a brief speech thanking his supporters for showing up to the event and thanking his mother in particular. In the comments of a repost of the clip, fans debate whether or not Savage should have his own day in Atlanta. “THIS N*GGA NOT EVEN FROM THERE,” one fan jokes. It’s in reference to the viral story from a few years ago where Savage was shockingly arrested by ICE and it was revealed he was actually born in the UK. “21 savage day before  Lil Baby  day is crazy to me,” another commenter agrees. Check out the video of 21 himself at the announcement over the weekend below.

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