Tyler Perry New Series “Bruh” on BETPlus

Updated: May 11, 2020

By Kia Morgan

Tyler Perry is switching things up with his new series, “Bruh.” It’s about time black folk get to see a series, spotlighting black men in successful relationships, whether it’s in romantic, family, and/or friendship. Representation matters and it shows young black boys they can have positive associations, that have their ups and downs and drama and everything in between.

The handsome leading eye candy on the new series are Monti Washington as Bill Frazier, Phillip Mullings as Michael Alexander, Mahdi Cocci as Tom Brooks, and Barry Brewer as John Watts.

Per Bet, “Bruh,” a slang term made popular by Black-Greek culture, refers to a friend so close they are more like a brother. For John, Tom, Mike, and Bill, no expression could characterize their camaraderie more accurately. Whether fulfilling career dreams or finding love, these four college buddies now in their thirties find themselves learning to stand on their own two feet, while leaning on each other for support and guidance. Sometimes their love is tough and their honesty brutal, but they manage to see each other through every scenario with levity and laughter.”

The 24 episode series will stream on BETPlus officially airing May 7th, and dropping one episode each week thereafter.

For more info on the series check out the website Bruh.

📸: Amy Sussman/Invision/AP

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