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"Chrisean Rock Takes Social Media Hiatus Amidst Alleged Assault at Tamar Braxton's show”

In a surprising turn of events, rising hip-hop artist Chrisean Rock has decided to delete her social media accounts following the alleged incident of assault during Tamar Braxton's 'Love and War Anniversary Tour.' The tour, meant to celebrate the iconic album's milestone, took a dark turn as reports surfaced about an altercation involving Rock.

Chrisean Rock is facing allegations of assaulting James Wright Chanel, Tamar Braxton's background singer, at a recent concert. The rapper and reality star, who attended Braxton's show on Friday, reportedly grew upset when denied the chance to perform. Le Troy Davis, a member of Braxton's team, claims Rock arrived at the venue intoxicated with a large entourage, creating a disturbance.

According to Davis, an altercation unfolded backstage between Rock and Wright Chanel over the denied performance, resulting in the rapper allegedly striking the singer's face. Wright Chanel, left with a bloody face and a chipped tooth, had to seek medical attention.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, Davis expressed outrage and vowed to ensure legal consequences for Rock. Rock responded on Instagram Live the following day, dismissing the accusations as false narratives and suggesting a clout-chasing motive. She emphasized the need to protect her name amid the controversy.

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